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Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

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A daily, perfumed hand cream that melts into the skin for super-soft hands that smell heavenly.

A soft textured hand cream with various options offers you refreshing scents while moisturizing the hands.

Rose Water: Gorgeous citrus rose fragrance in natural harmony with Bulgarian rose fragrance

Grapefruit: Gel typed hand cream that offers refreshing grapefruit soda feeling

Apple Pop: Floral fruity type mixing fragrances of various fruits including refreshingly sweet red apple, pomegranate

Berry Mix: Appetizing fruity mixing sweet and smooth strawberry, raspberry, and other fragrances

Green Tea: Fragrance type mixing refreshing and greenish citrus lemon and classy green tea fragrances

Cherry Blossom: Highly moisturizing, smooth, and non-sticky texture with a cherry blossom fragrance keeping your dry hands moist

Peach: Gel typed hand cream with sweet peach scent leaving the hands refreshed

Avocado: Deep moisturizing type of hand cream with the soft and warm powdery scent of Avocado

Snow Cotton: A pure and warm scent like Cotton flower providing rich nutrients to the hands

[How to use]

Apply an appropriate amount after washing your hands.