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fmgt Proof Mascara

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#01 Daily Proof
A waterproof mascara for daily use which removes by lukewarm water easily. Helps resist sweat, daily moisture, and tears found from daily life without causing any smudging.
The peanut-design brush creates voluminous eyelashes for doll-like lashes.
The Volume Layering Formula prevents clumping even with multiple applications for a long-lasting curl.

#02 Mega Proof
This all-in-one mascara with a powerful waterproof effect makes your lashes longer, curlier, and voluminous.
The strong formula resists water, sweat, and oil for long-lasting eye makeup.
Applies smoothly with the polyester brush that ensures a light, sufficient liquid.

#03 Fixer Proof
This mascara effectively fixes the curl without smudging, which makes your lashes longer, curlier, and voluminous.
The bullet design of the brush creates a great curling effect without clumping or smudging.
Can apply before mascara to create more voluminous, longer eyelashes.
Semi-transparent black gel formula which suits well with natural makeup.

[How to use]

Wiggle the wand across the lashes from root to tip in an upward motion.