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Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Intense Sheet Mask

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An ultra-adhesive sheet mask that settles into the skin to deliver ingredients effectively. Contains natural fragrances that are calming and do not irritate the skin. 

A brightening face mask that features a vitamin complex consisting of vitamin C, vitamin B3, and provitamin B5. It is also formulated with serine and hyaluronic acid. The vitamin complex brightens dull and tired skin while the serine and hyaluronic acid allow the skin to retain more moisture and increase cell production. 

[How to use]

Cleanse the face and apply a toner for the skin to better absorb the essence. Adjust it to your face shape and leave it on for 10-15 minutes or longer if you wish to do so. Pat in the remaining essence to lock in the essence. 

*Dermatologically Tested