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Perfume Seed Velvet Special Body Set

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The perfumed body line includes natural plant oil and perfume capsules providing smooth body skin.

Comes with a perfume capsule that locks the soft scent for a long time.

Rose extractions are infused in the body wash, while rosehip oil and shea butter are infused in the body wash.

Apply to all skin types.

This set contains:

-Perfume Seed Capsule Body Wash 300ml 1ea
-Perfume Seed Capsule Body Wash 60ml 1ea
-Velvet Body Milk 300ml 1ea
-Velvet Body Milk 60ml 1ea


[How to use]

Perfume Seed Capsule Body Wash:
Apply an appropriate amount of foam on a bath sponge or towel, rub it all over the body as if massaging, and wash it thoroughly with water.

Velvet Body Milk:
Wipe off the water after taking a bath or shower, then gently spread it all over your body as if massaging.