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The Therapy Hydrating Tonic Treatment

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The Therapy collection focuses on a hand-blended method of 135 recipes that vary in botanical ingredients that are catered for your skin type. The Therapy promotes anti-aging properties from it's carefully selected and hand-blended natural ingredients. It possesses an herbal and fresh scent. 

This anti-aging tonic treatment delivers the effect of toner and treatment all at once for smoother skin and hydration. 

Formulated with ultra-nourishing oat, lavender flower, wild rose, and sweet basil that are blended by hand with great care over a period of six weeks!

[How to use]

After cleansing the face, soak cotton pads with toner and apply all over the face using gentle tapping motions. You can also soak the cotton pad and let it sit on the skin for 90 seconds to enjoy a quick mask during the day or at night.